Fall down seven times, stand up eight??? (or 347289375 times)

*This post is written in english for all my english-speaking followers. But, I will continue to write in norwegian*

Sunday night miss vagina decided to enter the battleground again, and this time I had to retreat all forces. Now I’m trying to get back up on my feet after a few days of warzone with the misses. Let me give you guys a little re-cap.

It doesn’t take much more than a few days at war with miss vagina and a few pills with morphine to knock me out. On Sunday the misses won a huge battle, and kept me from going to my two hours dancing class. Instead she forced me straight to bed. So there I was, having to retreat all forces and hide under the blanket for a few hours. Putting my heels on the shelf, and surrender. Luckily(!) I managed to fall asleep the moment the pain killers kicked in, and miss vagina was able to battle a rather silent battle while I was snoring away. I woke up a few hours later relatively happy that the battlefield was no longer in the moment of heat, and that the pain attack seemed to be cooling off.

My Monday was quite rough (The days after morphine are always a rollercoaster) and the early doctors appointment I had scheduled had to go.. The thought of showing up in the hospital shaky and emotional didn’t really seem that fun. The “day after” is always like a minefield, if I step wrong I’ll easily fall into tears (and tears, and tears, and tears) but if I step right I might manage the day pretty well. So I decided to go to dancing class later that evening, refusing to give up. And especially refusing to give up on the things that I love to do. So I dragged my emotional ass down there still with my balance a bit out of hand, motivated to shake it all off (as Taylor Swift says). I managed to do the dance and left with a smile on my face (Until I bought a smoothie that had turned bad and exploded all over my gym clothes but thats another story lol) Happy with my own effort and still feeling kinda shitty I decided to call one of my friends when I got home.

Me at dancing yesterday, kind of feeling like shit and kind of feeling myself. Oh, what a balance.


And thats where I did wrong, heh.

Becaaause, when I’ve been arguing with miss vagina for the last two days I should probably know better than staying up late talking to my friend… And especially when I knew that I had an early seminar the day after. But my friend had just been on a date and my curiosity took over, and suddenly it was 1 am and I was screwed. I mean, this was all my fault and I should have remember how grumpy grandma Martine gets when she doesn’t get her 8 hours of beauty sleep. And by 8 hours I mean, on the minute 8 hours, anything less is not acceptable for grandma and miss vagina. So as a result of my horrible decision-making me and miss vagina have been arguing all day, and still somehow – we managed to get through it all with just a few fights.

I even survived my early seminar and some reading at school before I headed home. Thats when we had one of our main discussions because I was hungry, but she did not want food. And by that I mean like, really not want food at all. Which resulted in my eating anyways, her being angry (and her gathering her soldiers once again) and long story short I missed my last lecture and spent some hours in bed. After these few hours of fighting she started to calm down again and I decided to drag myself down to the dancing studio (once again, do we see a pattern here or not haha?). I was still not certain if I would be able to jump around in heels, but I wanted to try to win at least this battle. And I did manage. The first minutes of dancing I could still feel the lump in my stomach, but after a few spins miss vagina pulled back her forces and let me have my happy hour. Maybe keeping me from one of my lectures was enough fun for her today? Who knows. Now Im back home and she is still being calm so I’m going to take the time to catch up on everything i’ve been behind on (including this post to you guys).


Fall down seven times, stand up eight?? Isn’t that what they say.

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    1. Both you and the friend were tired today because of that talk 😴 you keep getting back up every time, I’m so proud 💓

    2. Hello! Thank you for writing in English this time 😁 Miss vagina can be reaaallyyy annoying sometimes, I’m also struggling with her lately and she’s tough 😂 We need to make her understand who’s the real boss 💪🏻
      Have a lovely day ❤

    3. Thank you so much for your openness in your journey with endo and pelvic pain! I definitely relate to your story! This is something that absolutely needs it be talked about!

    4. Hi! This is the first time I read your blog, I had no clue about endometriosis! *Shame on me* Thank you for take the time to write this in English! Im from Argentina and I started listening to Alexander about 3 months ago and that’s how I get to you.. I enjoyed reading your post, you’re really funny! I hope miss vagina learn how to behave ♥️

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